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Race -2 Movie Review

Source:Race-2 Movie Review By Zeenews

‘Race 2’ movie review: This race is a grand display of money!

‘Race 2’ has every ingredient of an Abbas Mustan flick. It’s got oodles of glamour, scorching style, sleek Bond-ish heroes, gorgeous ladies, characters with more than fifty shades of grey, some enjoyable background music, talks of yachts, and oh boy – some cars, and overshadowing every other thing – money! he story involves casinos, generous numbers of Audis – which at times make you wonder whether or not the film is a giant commercial for the car brand. There’s actually a cleverly-put-in sentence promoting a model of the car too. In all, ‘Race 2’ is a grand display of money. The adrenaline-pumping action is the plus point of the film, but too much of that does no good to it. Two and a half stars from me for this Friday’s ‘expensive’ release.

Source:Race-2 Movie Review By NDTV

On the face of it, Race 2 is a glitzy, action-packed entertainer. Scratch the surface – in fact, that is all there is to the film – and what you are left with is superficial style bereft of logic and substance. Race 2 proves how difficult it can be for a producer to let go of an idea

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that yielded a box-office bonanza the first time around. The makers of this film obviously haven’t heard of, or do not believe in, the law of diminishing returns.Race 2 isn’t so much a sequel as an ill-advised rehash. Revenge, one character says, is a dish best served cold. Ideas, for sure, aren’t best served stale.This is the second year in succession after 2012’s Players that Abbas-Mustan have the honour of unleashing the first Bollywood biggie of the year. Race 2, like Players, is big only on nausea-inducing clatter.

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